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3 Links Between Gut Health and Anxiety

I'm really excited to start to share with you and hopefully form new connections in your mind that the link between anxiety and gut health.  When most practitioners think about anxiety, they think about doing therapy - mostly through CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) as this is the most researched, and effective forms of therapy for anxiety.  But what happens when CBT isn't effective.  Or when it brings your anxiety down, but not where you want it to be?


How to Go Paleo

Eating a Paleo Diet essentially means that you consuming foods that were presumed to be eaten by our ancestors during the Paleolithic period and therefore we are genetically adapted to eat.  This might sound like a lot to take into consideration, but Paleo is guided by 5 easy to follow principles.


5 Ways Your Thyroid is Impacted by Poor Gut Health

Many people think that the thyroid is the root cause of their health issues.  This, in fact, is not the case.  Poor thyroid health is an indicator that there are deeper issues going on.  And it is your job to get to the root cause of it! Digestion and thyroid health are tightly linked.  The digestive symptoms associated with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) include constipation and digestive issues due to poor stomach acid production.  The digestive symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) include loose stools and diarrhea


Are You Making These 4 Mistakes When Treating SIBO?

First and foremost, the mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they don't treat the underlying infections.  They come to me and say "Hey Jodie I want to do a SIBO test. I really think that I have SIBO. I have all the symptoms of SIBO - the gas, the bloating, the stomach discomfort on the smelly farts.. I'm certain that I have SIBO, so let's knock it out". The problem with doing that is that you can't treat SIBO first.  SIBO actually is one of the last things that


Is SIBO leading to your IBS symptoms?

BS is a super common diagnosis made today within the conventional medical system.  This diagnosis usually comes with lack of tangible strategies on how to make the IBS go away, and patients often leave the doctor’s office feeling helpless and thinking that they must learn to live with the discomfort that IBS brings....