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Jodie has a love of learning and discovery. She spent her 20's travelling in over 30 countries and has lived in the UK, South Korea and Tanzania. Jodie's healing journey began over 10 years ago in Tanzania, where she picked up a gut-bug or two or three, and couldn't seem to heal.

Jodie sought support from two different family doctors, two dermatologists, a tropical disease specialist, a GI Specialist and 5 different naturopaths. Despite about 15 stool tests through the medical system, nothing showed up. The GI Specialist ran his collection of tests - a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and an MRI and couldn't find anything so his best recommendation was that she take Imodium for as long as needed. The Tropical Disease Specialist couldn't diagnose anything either, told her nothing was wrong except post-infectious IBS and recommended that she take Metamusil every day for the rest of her life. And the naturopaths recommended special diets, the Candida Diet and the FODMAPS diet, thinking these would cure her ills.
The Journey
But nothing worked. And Jodie's health continued to deteriorate. She developed stomach aches for most of the day, couldn't digest her food, started having knee problems, difficultly building muscle mass and eventually heart arrhythmias. So in her 30's she turned her journey inward and began to explore mindfulness, yoga and nourishing her body through food.

From the moment Jodie discovered functional medicine, she knew she had found something incredible. The wholistic mind-body-soul approach, the way that professionals partnered with their clients, and the ability to run tests that provided real insight into what is going on with the body was unlike anything she had ever experienced. It wasn't until she took a deep dive with functional medicine that she started to finally understand what was really going on.
A Search
The testing offered through a functional medicine approach was so advanced that she started to find answers. In her gut, she uncovered amoebas, bacterial infections and bacterial imbalances. She found out she reacts to gluten and diary and preserved meats. She discovered massive hormone imbalances, and a significant inability to detox hormones, and she uncovered that her liver isn't really clearing out toxins the way that it should.

Armed with this insight, and in particular the knowledge of how to treat infections that were at the root of preventing her body from healing naturally, Jodie could finally start to tackle her health issues and start to see changes. Her journey involved a combination of herbs, diet changes, lifestyle changes, a career switch and a look inwards at her own beliefs and thought patterns.
the Way
Jodie has always had a passion for helping people heal. With a background in social work, she had a private practice that supported people living with autism, depression and anxiety, as well as provided couples and family therapy. Because of her own healing journey, Jodie is refocusing her work on supporting a wholistic mind-body approach to health and is excited to offer an incredible functional medicine approach to your healing journey.
To Heal
Helping Others
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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

FDN Advanced: Stress & Hormones

Bachelor of Science in Biology & Psychology – McMaster University

Master of Social Work – University of Toronto

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Certification – University of Toronto

200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Healing Anxiety Through

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Resetting the Limbic System

Mineral Balancing

Restoring the Gut/Brain Connection

Heavy Metals & Detoxification

Breath work & Yoga

healing journey services
healing journey services
healing journey services

“I’m Jodie -anxiety expert extraordinaire. I am on a mission to help you (and other women) heal anxiety holistically so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time fearing it.

I’m here to help you eliminate worry, racing thoughts, panic attacks, concentration challenges and sleepless nights. Not only do I explore the mindset factors that lead to anxiety, but I also use functional lab testing.
I combine my training as a therapist, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and a yoga instructor to truly offer you a mind-body approach to healing.

Tired of anxiety?

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healing journey services
healing journey services
healing journey services
healing journey services

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