How to Go Paleo

What is Paleo?

Eating a Paleo Diet essentially means that you consuming foods that were presumed to be eaten by our ancestors during the Paleolithic period and therefore we are genetically adapted to eat.  This might sound like a lot to take into consideration, but Paleo is guided by 5 easy to follow principles.

The key principles associated with a Paleo Diet include:

  • Consuming whole foods. This means foods that have not been processed, with no added colours or flavours
  • Consuming foods free from toxins. This includes avoiding synthetic pesticides and certain ingredients added to processed founds
  • Applying the principals of evolution. It is not possible to live like a caveman, but we can use our evolutionary history about clues as to what types of foods our bodies were made for.
  • Relying on evidence
  • Individualizing. Everyone is genetically different, and expresses those genes differently.  Feel free to adapt the diet and makes changes to find an eating style that suits you best.

Everyone’s body is different, and therefore no one diet is suitable for everyone.  However, eating Paleo is recommended as the starting point for your Healing Journey for the following reasons:

  • It contains sources of all essential amino acids
  • It eliminates a lot of common allergenic foods (corn, grains, gluten etc.)
  • It eliminates may sources of toxins (through pesticides) and harmful additives (present in most processed foods)
  • It focuses on natural sources of sugar
  • It focuses on a high consumption of vegetables and other healing foods

Clear Your Kitchen

There is nothing worse than starting a new eating regime and having your old food taunt you in your cupboard every time you open it.  That is a recipe (pun intended!) for failure.  In order to be successful in the Paleo lifestyle, you need to clear out all of the food that you won’t be needing any more.  I can imagine that you are thinking this might be very wasteful. I also had trouble with the concept of throwing out ‘perfectly good flour’, or the collection of condiments I had acquired in my kitchen.   But here is the problem with hanging on to them.  Other than the fact that they will be constant temptation, and thus exhausting for your willpower, it delays the start time of your clean eating. And by delaying your clean eating, you are inevitably delaying your journey to health. You have to ask yourself this, is your healing really worth a few bottles of soy sauce and a bag of chips?

Making the most of your purge

If you are opposed to throwing out your open food, then find a friend or neighbour who has not yet crossed over into healthy eating and donate your products to them.  Any unopened items can be gifted to your local food bank.

Set a date within the next week where you will commit to your purge.   Make sure you have a good hour to throw things out, and another few hours to restock.   Write this date in your calendar now, and set a reminder.

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