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Just Breathe

Our breath both begins and ends life. It is both autonomic and voluntary.   It has an amazing ability to heal both our bodies and our minds, the power of which science has only recently confirmed. On average

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A Healthy Mouth

Before I started having major gut issues, I was cavity free. But as soon as my gut started acting up, my oral health became a disaster. One of my favourite ways to keep my oral microbiome healthy is through oil pulling. You may think that mouthwash will do the trick; however, mouthwash kills the good bacteria as well.

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Eat Local

The organic movement has been instrumental in driving people back to start asking real questions about where their food comes from and what exactly they are putting into their bodies. A significant part of the 

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Balancing Blood Sugar

Our body isn't designed for the constant roller coaster we are putting it on! Blood sugar levels should remain steady across the day. Learn more about signs and symptoms of blood sugar imbalances and strategies to overcome this!

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Eat Organic – Here’s why

Choosing to eat organic is a great decision to make for your health - both your gut health and your hormones will be impacted in a positive way. You have likely been aware of the 'eat organic trend' and questioned whether it was really worth all that money.

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Eat Breakfast

You have probably heard by now that breakfast can be one of the most important meals of the day! Why? It balances your blood sugar, and helps to regulate your hunger levels for the rest of the day.

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The ‘Parfait’ Chia Pudding

I love this recipe because it’s fast and easy and can be made the night before. It’s great for those rushed mornings when cooking is really not an option. Chia pudding can also be a great snack as well. And the most important thing – chia seeds are great for gut health!

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Berry Nutritious Smoothie

Smoothies are a great quick and easy breakfast, or snack, or even lunch. However, what people often end up doing is blending up a bunch of fruit and spiking their blood sugar. Which will leave them feeling hungry again quite quickly. Smoothies are in fact a great way to pile in the nutrition, and still have it taste great too! Check out this recipe.