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Five signs you may be suffering from copper toxicity

Copper toxicity is not a hot topic in today’s health world, but it should be.   In the 1950’s about 40-50% of HTMA (hair, tissue and mineral analysis) were showing copper toxic patterns, while today, that number is soaring to between 70-80% of HTMAs with a copper toxic pattern. Here are 5 key signs you need to look into copper toxicity...

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The Air We Breathe

It is estimated that we currently spend an average of 80 to 90% of our day indoors.   This means that the quality of our indoor air extremely important.  In fact, indoor air quality (IAQ) may in fact be much poorer than outdoor air quality. Research by

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Letting Go

That which we have not let go of, begins to pile up and weigh down the soul, akin to walking around every day with a backpack full of rocks.   Forgiveness may seem like a simple concept, but it is one of the hardest things to implement. There has been

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False Thoughts

This was one of my favourite lines when I worked in private practice as a therapist. How we interpret situations impacts how we feel about ourselves and others and as a result, how we relate to the world.   Let’s imagine the following scenario

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Mindful Living

There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation, likely because there is a lack of general census across the scientific community and across various cultures on the specific definition of meditation. Mindfulness as a practice of meditation is much more accessible to the general population.  It was brought to the Western world

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The Gut-Brain Connection

The health state of our gut is correlated with the brain's health state. When the gut is exposed to infection, environmental toxins or foods that it is intolerant or healthy foods (read: greasy, fried, high in fructose), the lining of the gut becomes damaged and leaky. The body then

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Just Breathe

Our breath both begins and ends life. It is both autonomic and voluntary.   It has an amazing ability to heal both our bodies and our minds, the power of which science has only recently confirmed. On average