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Yoga Classes

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Experience the incredible healing power of breath today!!

Mini Series Includes:

  • breath exercises
  • guided yoga classes
  • healing meditation
  • 4+ hours
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Falling in Love
with Yoga

Jodie’s interest in yoga actually began with a Groupon for Pilates. She never did attend a Pilates class but instead found yoga as way to decompress after a stressful day.  

Yoga has been a powerful part of Jodie’s own healing journey – it is through yoga that she reconnected with her body.  Jodie actually attended teacher training for herself. She fell deeply in love with the Heart of Yoga style, where a yoga practice becomes a meditative dance between breath and movement. She knew that she had to share this type of yoga with others, because of it’s amazing healing qualities, and now offers classes. 

Jodie is  200 hour YA certified, through Jivani Yoga. Her approach embodies the Heart of Yoga as taught by Krishnamachara, the teacher of the teachers and grandfather of all modern yoga.  Her style is also influenced by Kundalini and Moksha lineages.  

Current classes

Fall Series

At Kincardine United Church

Thursdays at 7:30pm

*Class geared towards all-levels.  Focuses on breath guiding movement. Includes gentle flows as well as steady postures

Warm Yan to Yin

*Class geared towards all-levels.

Yoga Style

This is a class you have to try! Through the use of breath, Jodie guides you through a meditative series of movements that allows you to journey inwards and gain a deeper connection with your own body. Self-love and healing are themes woven into the experience.  

Yoga is about developing an intimacy with your own body  Jodie’s classes are grounding yet gentle, fostering gratitude and relaxation. She focuses on making yoga accessible by adapting to you. Jodie brings her contagious smile and empathy to her classes, creating a safe space for you to explore your mind-body connection.

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