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Can You Relate?

  • Do you have belly fat that won't go away?
  • Is your libido drying up?
  • Do work-outs never seem to build muscle mass?
  • Are you depressed and irritable but not sure why?
  • Do you lack motivation?

It's time to start

boosting your testosterone!

We Dig Deep .....

Potential Root Causes of Your Low Testosterone
You Might Not Have Considered

Lack of Aerobic Exercise
Estrogen Dominance
Gut Infections
Insulin Resistance
Oxidative Damage to the Leydig Cells
Poor Estrogen Detoxification
Genetic Susceptibility
Poor Food Choices
Unhealthy Cortisol Pattern
Heavy Metal Toxicity

Survey Says .....

The research on testosterone levels among men is startling.  The levels of male testosterone are decreasing across time, leading to endemic levels of low testosterone in middle aged and older men.  Statistics from one lab company found that 80% of men from over 7,000 blood tests had below optimal levels of free testosterone.  When you get over 30 years of age, it is estimated that 1 in 4 men have low levels of testosterone.  Another study found that 30% of men over 60 years of age had low testosterone levels.

Our Secret Sauce

#1: Test & Treat Hidden Stressors
Stress has been found to increase cortisol levels but decrease testosterone levels.  High levels of cortisol inhibit the first step in the formation of testosterone.

#2: Develop an Exercise Plan
Engaging in high intensity, short duration exercise will boost testosterone levels.  Combined with with heavy resistance movements (performed safely under expert supervision) this is the most effective exercise regimen to boost testosterone production.

#3: Address Insulin Resistance
Stress has been found to increase insulin levels.  High insulin levels are are connected to low levels of testosterone.

#4: Tackle Estrogen Dominance
Estrogen can become higher than testosterone for many reasons such as copper toxicity.  A process called aromatization often caused by excess body fat can result in the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

#5: Reduce Oxidative Damage
The Leydig cells in the testes are inundates with sources of oxidative stress which impacts testosterone production.

Transform Your Health

with our

Testosterone Trainer Program 

Outcomes You Can Count On!

  • Build muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Bring back your mojo
  • Get rid of belly fat
  • Tap into your masculine energy
  • Be in control of your moods
  • Gain confidence
  • Live a longer and healthier life

What makes the

Testosterone Trainer Program Unique

We don't treat sympotoms,

we treat root causes of

your testosterone imbalance

We customize an exercise

plan to your abilities

and your needs

We don't guess. We use

cutting edge lab tests.

Instead of treating disease, we

rebalance your body's systems.

We view your health holistically

 through a functional medicine

lens.  We take into

consideration genetics,

environment & the mind-

body connection.

Program Map

Comprehensive Intake & Testing

As part of our programs, we provide a

comprehensive intake that carefully screens for

lifestyle factors and potential hidden stressors

that could be impacting your hormone health

Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

You will be provided with 2 months of healthy,

anti-inflammatory meal plans (which includes

recipes, nutritional information and shopping

lists). Lifestyle coaching will support the

development of healthy habits including

sleep hygiene, detox & stress reduction.


You will work 1:1 with an expert coach who

will guide you through a tough training plan

designed to reduce fat and build muscle.

The program will be created to match your abilities

while providing a fun, rewarding challenge every workout.

Rebalancing & Healing

Although diet, exercise and lifestyle is important,

often the body requires a bit of assistance

to rebalance. This is where supplementation comes

in. You will be provided with a customized protocol

that will treat gut infections and address your

individual cortisol pattern and any hormone and

mineral imbalances.

Our Programs

We offer multiple options to address your
testosterone imbalance that fits every budget.

Are you tired of not getting the answers you need to heal?
Are you ready to finally resolve your health issues?
Book a free consultation today to learn how we can help.

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This specialized program is available
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What's Included

Comprehensive Intake

Begin your journey during with preparation phase and start to gather the information and tools you will need. During this full hour, explore in detail your health concerns based on the the information provided in your intake forms. Learn about potential root causes of your health issues and how a functional medicine approach can support you to heal. Lab tests will be discussed and initial lifestyle recommendations will be provided.

A 60 minute session

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Functional Lab Testing

We offer a wide variety of testing including the stool testing, SIBO testing, food sensitivity, genetics, hormone testing, a thyroid panel, hair & mineral analysis, heavy metal testing, viral testing, organic acid testing and mold testing.  Healing Journey offers the best labs on the market.

Includes test interpretations

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Customized Healing Protocols & Lifestyle Recommendations

Wholistic health recommendations based on lab results that incorporate supplement protocols as well as diet, rest, exercise and stress reduction strategies.

Personalized for you

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Regular Consultations

These sessions provide you with an opportunity for accountability over the duration of your journey. During this time protocols may be adjusted, further questions answered, and additional lab testing discussed.

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Resources and Recipes

Diet and lifestyle changes can be difficult. That's why Healing Journey wants to make it as easy as possible for you. You will receive a Healing Handbook based on the most recent research that provides information and tips on how to make recommended lifestyle changes. You will also receive customized meal plans that includes shopping lists and nutritional information, giving you access to 100+ recipes.

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Unlimited Email Access

Healing Journey is here to support you for the duration of your journey. That's why we offer ongoing email access, with a response time of 48 hours or less. That way any questions you have about protocols, lifestyle recommendations or anything else, can be answered right away!

Biweekly email check-ins are also provided

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Our Signature Lab Tests

The Dutch

The DUTCH test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) provides information on the level of free and total cortisol levels, which provides an indication of how much of this hormone is actually available for use. Knowing the total cortisol level doesn’t provide much information if 99% of it is unavailable to the cells. It's important to know both your total and free cortisol levels. The DUTCH test also provides information about how the body is breaking down hormones (hormone metabolite level)including three different estrogen metabolites. It also gives us a window into your methylation status, letting us know whether your body can actually get rid of the estrogen it produces.

Conventional blood testing for hormones provides you with the basic levels for the sex hormones of estradiol (E2; a type of estrogen), progesterone and testosterone. However, blood testing is unable to provide information about your cortisol rhythm, the levels all types of estrogens or how your hormones are being broken down.

This test provides key information about hormone levels and possible causes of hormone imbalance, including:

o Hormone levels, including estrogen, testosterone and progesterone
o Estrogen & testosterone detoxification pathways
o Whether estrogen is being detoxified down cancer-causing pathways
o Whether estrogen dominance is an issue
o Measures of oxidative stress
o Measures of glutathione levels (the body’s master antioxidant)
o Cortisol pattern: This will determine your cortisol pattern across the day, and will allow us to see whether cortisol is higher than normal on a regular basis, and impacting your hormone production
o Whether the body is in an anabolic (building up) or catabolic state (breaking down). This will impact the body’s ability to lose weight and build muscle mass.

The GI Map

The GI Map uses DNA- based technology called PCR technology is thousands of times more sensitive than conventional because it can identify the entire microbiota. It can also determine the degree of infection, and the volume of infection - whether it is low or high. Using this test, practitioners are now able to find infections that they have been missing out on for decades.

In conventional medicine, stool culturing remains the main technology despite the slow shift being made towards PCR technology. Stool culturing involves taking a swab of the stool and putting it in a petri dish and seeing what grows, and looking at the sample under a microscope to see if ova (eggs) and parasites can be seen.

This means A LOT of false negatives because...
- a lot of things cannot grow in a petri dish
- the pathogens need to be alive in your stool

The infectious portion of this test looks for:

o Bacterial infections - such as c. difficile & e. coli
o Parasitic & protozoan infections - like giardiasis
o Viral infections - like norovirus and Epstein Barr
o H Pylori (this test also determines virulence factors/pathogenicity)
o Worms
o Fungi & yeast Infections
(total of 44 different markers)

The functional portion of the lab test examines:

o Levels of healthy and opportunistic bacteria
o GI immune system health
o Inflammation
o Gluten sensitivity
o Enzyme levels
(total of 35 different markers)

Hair & Minerals Analysis

Hair, Tissue and Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an essential component of understanding your health picture. This test provides valuable information about patterns of mineral imbalances that can provide guidance on how to re-energize your body. HTMAs reveal whether you have copper toxicity, mercury exposure, dehydration at a cellular level, or a calcium shell that leads to emotional numbness. This test will also provide key indicators about adrenal health, thyroid health, infections, blood sugar imbalances and metabolic health.

Instead of viewing each mineral in isolation, the interpretation of your hair and mineral results relies on the understanding that minerals are a complex, interrelated system. The healing protocols require a unique understanding of mineral patterns. Once your body's minerals begin to rebalance, you enter into a state of optimal healing and often naturally let go of unwanted heavy metals and toxins.

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