Low FODMAPS Meal Plan


Oftentimes ‘IBS’ is caused by SIBO, which is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  One of the ways to curb the bacterial overgrowth is to avoid the specific sugars that feed the bacteria.  That is where the FODMAPS diet comes in.  This diet eliminates foods like garlic and onions that will feed SIBO and increase your digestive symptoms.  In chronic cases, supplemental intervention may be required for long-term benefits, but trying a SIBO diet is often a great to rule-in SIBO as a source of your digestive issues. Following a Low FODMAP diet has been shown to significantly improve these symptoms in about 75% of cases.

This meal plan is for you if:

  • you suffer from IBS
  • you have gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or stomach pain


Try fabulous recipes like turkey pineapple quinoa bowls, maple mustard chicken with green beans, and a pineapple turmeric smoothie.


All recipes are paleo-friendly.  This means they are dairy free,  grain free, gluten free and sugar free.

Includes a shopping list, nutritional information & delicious recipes for 3 daily meals and 2 daily snacks.

This 7-day meal plan is for 2 people.




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