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What’s Included
Comprehensive Intake

Begin your journey during with preparation phase and start to gather the information and tools you will need. During this full hour, explore in detail your health concerns based on the the information provided in your comprehensive intake. Learn about potential root causes of your health issues and how a functional medicine approach can support you to heal. Lab tests will be recommended and initial lifestyle recommendations will be provided.

A 60 minute session


The GI MAP is one of the most comprehensive PRC stool samples available today, with over 78 different markers tested for. I recommend that every client complete it. This test looks for infections – (including parasitic, protozoan, fungi, yeast and viral infections, H pylori and worms), levels of healthy and opportunistic bacteria, GI immune system health, inflammation, gluten sensitivity and enzyme levels. A Video lab interpretation is also provided so that you can refer back to them any time you need.

Direct Lab Pricing & Test Interpretation

Dutch Hormone Panel

The Dutch test provides a comprehensive picture into your hormone health. It measures the metabolites of estrogens, androgens including testosterone and DHEA, progesterone, cortisol, melatonin, organic acids as well as your diurnal cortisol pattern. A video lab interpretation is also provided so that you can refer back to them any time you need.

Direct Lab Testing & Test Interpretation

Customized Healing Protocols & Lifestyle Recommendations

Wholistic health recommendations based on lab results that incorporate supplement protocols as well as diet, rest, exercise and stress reduction strategies.

Personalized for you

Regular Consultations

These sessions provide you with an opportunity for accountability over the duration of your journey. During this time protocols may be adjusted, further questions answered, and additional lab testing discussed. Option to have sessions pre-booked every 3 weeks.

7 sessions totalling 3.5 hours

Resources and Recipes

Diet and lifestyle changes can be difficult. That’s why Healing Journey wants to make it as easy as possible for you. You will receive a Healing Handbook that provides information and tips on how to make recommended lifestyle changes. You will also receive customized meal plans and access to hundreds of recipes.

Unlimited Email Access

Healing Journey is here to support you for the duration of your journey. That’s why I offer ongoing email access, with a response time of 48 hours or less. That way any questions you have about protocols, lifestyle recommendations or anything else, can be answered right away!

Biweekly email check-ins are also provided

Totals up to 9 appointments!

Additional testing such as food intolerance testing & organic acid testing are also options available.

Opportunity to extend support beyond the program.

*May be eligible for coverage by some insurance plans. Some lab tests are covered by some insurance plans.

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